GraceWay Groups

Living in community helps us to live life well. At GraceWay Church, we believe spiritual formation occurs primarily in the context of community. People who stay connected with their brothers and sisters almost invariably grow. It seems God continues to use the messy process of relationships for our own good. And for some reason He continues to use us to help each other. We understand community is not taught, it's lived in. So, it's not always easy to make happen. And it's not always easy even when it does happen. But it's worth it; it brings meaning and significance to our lives as we make disciples by leading people to experience God's grace and helping them to live it out 365 days a year. 
We understand as Americans we are busy and unique. So there might be a hundred reasons you can tell yourself why a life of consistent relationships isn't for you; "I'm too busy, I'm an introvert, I just got married, no one would want to live around my kids, no one would like me...." But here at GraceWay Church, you are important to us and our passion is to help you find a place to belong. So, we have adopted a unique system for our Groups that values you and is relevant to your life. We have worked to create an environment of freedom that encourages creativity and an innovative spirit. It values diversity with unity; valuing people for who God has created them to be.